Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thy Will Be Done

A group of men and women were gathered at Ysidro's Garden. That night, they were bound for a three-day trip to Puerto Galera. Target: Team Building to face a very big challenge of their lives - to become change agents in Obando.

Much is expected by the community when rich leaders came in but the HOPE that was introduced in our town broke into pieces when one promise after the other did not materialize. Another one is coming in who never had any chance to talk to the grassroot level. How could they relate?

The group I am referring is the team who was torn between a decision to run or not to run with Ding. First, the only weapon they have is a firm resolve that they can help the community. PERIOD. NO MONEY TO BUY hmnn. But they have all the pledges from friends who believe in their advocacy. Just like a chicken and egg question who is first. COMMITMENT then RESOURCES or RESOURCES then COMMITMENT? Hard to answer.

Thank God, the team realized that what they are doing was not for a single person and that person needs people to work with. This is really a work of the GOOD Creator. Here are the events that happened:

1. Signal No. 2 in Oriental Mindoro 2 days before the Team Building seminar. It stopped.
2. Daughter of the Resource Speaker had fever. She was healed the night before.
3. Members of the Team were being brainwashed by the evil that men do.
4. Misinformation that Ding will no longer run in the elections was being spread like a wildfire.
5. Chris was sick but recovered from feeling bad.
6. The absence of Cesar and Bening can be redeemed by communicating to them what happened.
7. All negative thoughts were wiped out.

The Team went home with high Spirits after a bloodless compact held on Saturday night.