Sunday, September 6, 2009


Imagine a living thing. How did it begin? Was it adulthood first, then came births for animals and human beings and seedlings for plants? There could be no end in discussing which came first.

Whenever I see the word "BEGINNING", I always think of GOD. This life will not make sense had it not been for the Great Creator Himself who made sure that His project MAN will have all parts of his body functional. That's the ideal specs. But some men were not created perfectly. I believe that this was intentional so that first, we will be thankful for what we are, and second, so that cures for the disabled and the sick will be discovered.


As I see you on the net, I feel you're right beside me
I remember your moves when you were still two
I cried so hard when I couldn't find you
Oh, pretty little boy, lost control of you!

I did not imagine that you would hide from me
And made me feel like a careless grandma, didn't know what to do
Searching and calling you Joaquin, but God, no answer was uttered
How could you just be gone, my mind can not admit.

Maybe my tears frightened you to get out
That made me more nervous,
Casually, you walked in front of me, fine I had to be
Now, I know that I was over protective of you.