Thursday, July 16, 2009


When I was young, I feared to be onstage. Mother taught me how not to be frightened. First, I must believe in my self. Second, everyone else has the same feelings. And third, she told me that the earth is the biggest stage where people act and speak. The audience will judge you. But the final judgment will come from the Chairman of the Board of Judges, GOD.

With this in mind, I was able to overcome my fear. I joined a lot of oratorical contests and won. I joined the Dramatics club in high school and I was applauded. I sang "The Greatest Performance of My Life" live at the Activity Center of an old mall in my middle age.

Now, I can be onstage anytime. Be it for the church, be it in Rotary, be it at the office. My career was moving gently towards the top because of the stage. The largest stage I am performing at is a risky one. The stage where people have various interests but one thing is common. Each actor wants what he likes. And that makes my life complicated.... especially if your role is like mine.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our 33rd Wedding Anniversary

Last Saturday, 4th of July, was our 33rd wedding anniversary. Dep and I ran out of good idea where we could celebrate. We decided to have congee and a couple of side dish both of us like at NENA's in Panghulo. Our family is really fond of LUGAW! Then, we proceeded to Sangandaan to have the tarps and brochures printed out. These are the materials we need for the Sagip project. When we went home, I stayed at the garden for quite sometime. I was surprised to see the 12 red roses arranged in a flower vase given by Dep. That's how he gives flowers to me. Never face to face.

The day before our anniversary, we met the whole family except Gear. We had our snacks at Wendy's and proceeded to the computer stores at SM Annex to buy the much needed laptop. I was so excited to have another one after my first unit broke.