Friday, December 5, 2008

My Family

I am training my daughter Ayie to become a well rounded wife. Of course, she should learn how to cook. I'm happy that she's learning well. She's having their first baby in January and that would be our second apo (granddaughter). Jyp, our first grandson is in San Jose, CA, son of our eldest daughter, Esem. We have a balanced gender in the family. Two daughters, two sons, one grandson, and one granddaughter.

My two boys are enjoying every food I prepare. But they've gained weight since I stayed with them. I was assigned in various provinces for the past 8 years. I had to stay near my post so we seldom meet. Anyway, they're all grown ups. I'm catching up with the needs of my hubbie, Depot, and sons Yann and Gear. The best years of my life was dedicated to my work. Now, I'm waiting for a better assignment. It will surely come.

By the way, my two sons-in-law, Jong and Dong are both perfect match with my two angels.