Friday, December 5, 2008


We treat our cars like any member of a family... we give them names. Our first vehicle ever is an owner type jitney, a hundred percent stainless. It's name is BORGY. For us, Borgy is very much a part of us. When Esem, Ayie, and Yann were studying in Manila , Borgy would take them to school on time. First drop is in Letran College where Yann studied high school, next would be Esem to be taken to Manila Science High School, and the last would be Ayie at St. Scholastica's College. All their schools are in Manila coz Dep would be our "driver". I was assigned then in Port Area. Borgy sometimes had his mechanical pains and the children found it hard to wait for his availability.

We decided to rent a space of my friend Alex just opposite De La Salle University. Later, we got a condo unit in Sta. Mesa. From then on, Borgy remained as Hubbie's companion in looking for the crooks. But wait, another one was born. BRUSKO, a 2001 Toyota Revo colored dark blue. This one's helped us a lot 'coz he can carry up to 8 passengers. Yann was given a Toyota Altis by his sister Esem. She is called TISAY for her white complexion. She is very attractive!

Brusko was replaced after some time by CHINEE. Chinee is paler than mocha. Her slit eyes gives light to the streets she passes by at dark. Borgy will always be in our possession. Unlike the others who could be allowed to look for new homes like Brus.