Monday, February 23, 2009

Kids Touch Our Lives

Last Saturday, February 21, 2009, The Rotary Daycare Center of Obando were on a field trip. About 35 students aged 21/2 to 4 and their mothers went to Manila Zoo, Museong Pambata, and Rizal Park. Cora and I joined the trip coz' we were responsible for that program.

While waiting for the children, I sat on a table near the cafeteria in Manila Zoo. I noticed a conversation between 2 children, about grade 3, who were discussing about the loss of the other girl's twenty pesos. This means, she could not have lunch since her allowance was exact. Her friend told the other that they just buy 2 orders of rice and just buy 1 dish that they both like. They were counting their money to make sure that their budget was enough. I was touched by the sincerity of the unselfish girl. She was making sure that the girl who lost the money will not be sad. I intentionally ignored to help because I wanted to ascertain the true virtues I was watching.

There were some children playing around the area where I was but their attitude were more of letting their classmates know what they have like food, toys, and some stuff but I did not notice an atmosphere of sharing like the girl in my story.