Monday, February 16, 2009

A Fraction of the Whole

This novel written by Australian Steve Toltz made me laugh most of the time. But in some parts, I couldn't help but change my mood and cry. A man of principle, Martin Dean was able to survive all trials from womb to tomb. His philosophy drives you crazy but thinking it twice, his reasons and beliefs are actually happening. The schemes used by his brother Terry to help him out were clueless to Marty in all episodes.

The brothers are atheists. This, for me, made them easier to be indicted in crimes and harder to get out of the mess. They did not realize directly but come to think of some of their testimonies and you'd realize that indeed, they knew a power from nowhere was available.

Martin's son, Jasper, though he hated his father for being difficult to live with, appreciated what the father has done to his whole being. His father did not die in vain.

Similar situations happen in our daily lives but not of the same intensity. These experiences give us better learning, and light acceptance of realities.