Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas 2008

T'was a long holiday. I was expecting that I could read at least two books and improve my blogspot. I realized that Christmas holidays aren't for Moms. Our two "kasambahays" had their vacation in their province. I took their word they'd be here on January 3. But the ride back to work was not that easy, according to them. So, I took charge of the household chores to the last day of vacation. I am too zapped to work tomorrow.

I figured out how hard it is to stay home with all the kids and Christmas visitors. I will no longer get steamed up for petty errors committed by my ward. It is better to have somebody do some chores than doing these all by myself.

The family had dinner at Greenbelt in Makati on the 24th. Then we attended Misa de Aguinaldo at Mary the Queen Parish in Green Hills with Ayie and husband Dong. The weather wasn't that cold contrary to what I expected. Then we shared the Noche Buena at home. This time, we did not exchange gifts. We postponed this tradition due to belt tightening. Ayie is about to have their baby in early part of January. She'll be the 2nd apo and the first female apo. I am so excited to see her.

On New year's eve, we stayed in the nearby hometown. It was raining so less fireworks were lighted by the neighborhood. It was still fun to celebrate with the usual food I prepare: Sotanghon soup, ham, cheese, fruit salad, round fruits, and the latest addition to menu, original glazed doughnut by Krispy Kreme. When Yann bought that new addition, Aragon's tire exploded. Too early for new year's noise. It's good that they were at the drive-thru when it happened.