Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Major Blessing for 2009

Dep and I were into contracts with a bank to buy 2 properties. Due to business losses, we were unable to meet our monthly installments for quite some time. For me, it would have been less of a headache if we just let go of those properties. A number of discussions were made and we settled to retain one property and apply some payments for the other property to the retained lot. Ownership of the lot needs additional payment of 420K but can still be loaned from the bank.
Delaying tactics were done by Dep and I to really make a decision. The properties have good marketability. In fact, we could have earned 2M had we finalize the sale of the lot along the road. But we disregarded the offer years back. Now that we finally made up our minds to sell it before bank action, nobody has the instant money.

Last Friday, we talked to the bank President and after 30 minutes of discussions, he was convinced that we no longer have to pay the additional 420k for the interior lot that we are retaining. That's how prayers work. I believe that what happened had a Divine intervention. I consider this a major blessing on a very special day of the year, my birthday on the 24th, the day following the good news. For this, I plan to share my blessings through an apostolate work once I have the money.